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Freedom to Play

Why you are here, I do not know. All I really do is draw whatever catches my attention and I can make no guarantees that those interests won't change from hour to hour.

So, if you're happy just viewing random quick sketches and hearing the occasional story about me then:


Prompt: Nat and Sam getting Bucky ready for Halloween.

Reward: Art (hopefully)

Really REALLY rough idea of how ‘Champagne Bunny’ would start.

With the elevator scene…

It’s normal to get into a mock duel with your younger brother using only fake flowers and a curtain rod!

Well, it’s normal here at least…

Anon asked me: Have you ever/ will you ever do a comic book? I’ve only ever seen prints but I think with your talent and your sense of humour you would make a superb comic artist. And I think the you-based Superhero is awesome, fwiw.

I’ve played with a few and have a lot planned, but this is the only one that ever got completed. Still, I hope to actually sit down and work on more ((most of them original stories)) and yeah, the me-based superhero is already getting notes written out…

So, here’s hoping there is more to come?

((also, damn this is old. Those here who remember when i first posted this, you guys have been with me FOREVER and I appreciate it. I really do.))

And this is what is under the hoodie!!

((This is getting out of hand…))

omegabones replied to your post: anonymous said:*muffled sobbing* …

oh my god I want to write a story about that superhero oh my god

Go for it!!! 

Oh look….more showed up…. ((Ricechex, I don’t know why, but you’re wearing a suit))

*muffled sobbing* You made art of the headcanon. Art.

So…what would you say if I said I was doing more art of it? And making up mini stories in my head?

But seriously, what would my Superhero name even be? The Champagne Bunny??

eleneripenneth replied to your post: anonymous said:Headcanon: you’re …

This is so beyond awesome, I want to put a print of it in my daughter’s room.

I only saved a small version of the file, so the most I’d be able to print is a 5x6. But since a lot of people are liking this, once I’m a little more caught up on commissions I’ll fix it up a bit and make it print size.