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Freedom to Play

Why you are here, I do not know. All I really do is draw whatever catches my attention and I can make no guarantees that those interests won't change from hour to hour.

So, if you're happy just viewing random quick sketches and hearing the occasional story about me then:


caedesdeo replied to your photo: “Quick break from cleaning!”:
This is adorable! I’m guessing off to the right there’s an impressed looking Stark watching the pint-sized hacker digitally poke at the device mistakenly used on him instead of Steve? :)

As requested! Some of my ATLA art has been put up in the store! http://meekobits.storenvy.com/

The buttons aren’t there, because I’m honestly not sure how many of each are left, but I know a few are sold out completely so I can’t offer them as a set. ((I only do 30 of each piece of fanart and then I’m done.))

So, I’ll probably throw a button in, with every Avatar print purchase! That way they get good homes!


I miss drawing them…..

"I can see that. But…"


"Are they…talking about you?"

"See! You can speak Sniper!!"

"But did you really-"

"Nope! Not answering that!"

((I don’t even know…))

I've never seen The Losers but now I don't want to because there's no way it's as good as your version.

Oh trust me, it’s better! And the comics are really worth reading ((but they will break your heart))

But thank you. I’m beyond flattered that you would say so!

Been a rough day (health wise. This kidney infection and its meds are kicking my ass) and I was trying just to sketch to relax, but nothing worked all day until just now:

I managed to sketch them properly. And they make me happy.


Here it is again. Keep staring at the other post and all the store images and links took away from this and I do really love it. So here they are on their own!!

msraven929 replied to your post: Well… Jensen and Cougar were actually …

I’ve bought several things off your Society6 page and have been happy so far. It says your StoreEnvy page is still under construction, but is one better than the other?

Woops! I switch got re-flipped by accident. It should be good now! The StoreEnvy will be a better place for the smaller prints and will be where the buttons are available. A lot of teh quick sketches I do will also only be available there!

Well… Jensen and Cougar were actually just suppose to get Buttons. ((which they did))

But then they wanted to be together on a print. So I did that too.

And then I realized I wanted them on a shirt (or a hoodie. Can’t decide) And so I did that as well. By this point I realized this would be a good way to open the store as well!

So, the Society6 store is: http://society6.com/meekobits

and now, the StoreEnvy store ((where you can get all my sketches, prints and buttons)) is: http://meekobits.storenvy.com/products

Not everything is up. Not by a long shot. But at least it’s now started. I’ll try and add a few more each day. Since this store is new, just let me know if you see any problems, or have suggestions and just be patient with me. Thanks!


I really am pleased with how they turned out…

Bad days suck.

So those are the prints I’ve managed to get done so far.

Yeah, I’m slow, but keeping the focus to title, describe, tag and resize images ((and then wait forever for them to load)) is hard to do. Especially when I’m not feeling well… Actually even when I’m feeling well. the only thing that focuses me is art… and archery. But that’s a full brain shut down and relax thing and completely off topic.

Now here’s the question: Should I just open the store now and keep adding a bit at a time, or should I wait till it’s all up?