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Freedom to Play

Why you are here, I do not know. All I really do is draw whatever catches my attention and I can make no guarantees that those interests won't change from hour to hour.

So, if you're happy just viewing random quick sketches and hearing the occasional story about me then:


Down at FanExpo! Table all set up. As usual not enough space. So yeah. If you’re down here I’m table A178! Look for the Go Petunias shirt!!!

And I’m all packed!

Of course I had to choose the hottest damn day of the month to do all the hard stuff…

I love your art, and I love your good mood. You have such a sense of happiness and motion in this piece. Your work is always amazing and fluid, but this… this is outstanding, even for your high level of quality. It makes me grin just looking at it!

Good! That was it’s job!

Since I head down to Toronto on Wednesday, I’m making tomorrow my day off to do nothing but sketch silly stuff!!

I’m leaving the costumes as is, the art is all ready, buttons made and prices decided and most of my stuff is packed.

So I think I’m good.

A quick sketch because I’m in a good mood right now!

If I’m going as Jensen I needed a Cougar and Cougar needed a hat!

It’s a rushed job but I think it’ll work. And this little guy rests comfortably across my shoulders!

Going through some sketchbooks and found this one I did at the Old Mill Inn. Remember the photos of me in the fancy dress drawing? This is one of those sketches.

As usual done in ballpoint pen.


I got tagged in the ice bucket challenge. It will be done on the Saturday of FanExpo at the end of the day while I’m dressed as Bucky. My charming Falcon has graciously agreed to take care of the ice while my Steve has offered to film it.

So I’ll share the video after the Con unless they can post it earlier.

Either way, I’ve donated today.

So yeah. If you see a soaking wet Bucky Saturday evening, you’ll know who it is…

All the buttons together! Aren’t they pretty?


He makes for a very intense button…