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Freedom to Play

Why you are here, I do not know. All I really do is draw whatever catches my attention and I can make no guarantees that those interests won't change from hour to hour.

So, if you're happy just viewing random quick sketches and hearing the occasional story about me then:


Prompt: Steve/Bucky- before the war.

((sorry about the quality. Bad day.))

Prompt: Bucky, Natasha and Steve. Nap time!

"After all that, you damn well better. Oh and Steve?"


"Feel free to keep on bringing attractive people over to my house."

((It’s been a very looooong day full of lots of running around. I’m exhausted.))

Bucky practice!

I still need more, but I’m getting a little better…

"Could have fooled me."

"Snow in April??? This didn’t use to happen! Bucky! There’s snow! We can build a snowman!!"

((and then they realize Bucky playing in the snow with a metal arm was NOT a good idea, so they bundle him up, feed him hot chocolate till he’s sick of it and then all curl up in bed!))


Prompt: Bucky in Captain America merchandise!

"Damn that Kirk is hot!"

"Thinking about switching Captains?"

"I think his doctor would kill me."

"Don’t worry, I’ll protect you."

"Does that mean I’d have to share?"



((It’s a stay in pajamas, eat cookies and do nothing else kind of day today.))

Yes! He needed a button as well!

And because a certain someone wouldn’t stop poking me until I did so, both him and Bucky have been added to the store!


Although, if anyone wants them as buttons, they have to contact me. Store doesn’t sell that. Sorry.

Now back to sketches!

Prompt: What about Captain America, Falcon, and Hawkeye standing on a rooftop or something, I don’t really care those three are my babies and I would love to see them together.

are you gonna go back to the Star Trek stuff after your Captain America stuff is done? Love the drawings btw. Good job!

No worries, Star Trek will show up in between the Captain America stuff. I can’t resist Jim Kirk.