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Freedom to Play

Why you are here, I do not know. All I really do is draw whatever catches my attention and I can make no guarantees that those interests won't change from hour to hour.

So, if you're happy just viewing random quick sketches and hearing the occasional story about me then:


"At least let me take the tail off."

"No. It’s festive."

Prompt: Please tell me Bunny Bucky had a tail!

The answer is yes.

Happy Easter!

More of my cute therapy.

Been on edge and completely worn down, so I’m trying to fight back with cuteness!

Prompt: Steve/Bucky- before the war.

((sorry about the quality. Bad day.))

Prompt: Bucky, Natasha and Steve. Nap time!

"After all that, you damn well better. Oh and Steve?"


"Feel free to keep on bringing attractive people over to my house."

((It’s been a very looooong day full of lots of running around. I’m exhausted.))

Bucky practice!

I still need more, but I’m getting a little better…

"Could have fooled me."

"Snow in April??? This didn’t use to happen! Bucky! There’s snow! We can build a snowman!!"

((and then they realize Bucky playing in the snow with a metal arm was NOT a good idea, so they bundle him up, feed him hot chocolate till he’s sick of it and then all curl up in bed!))


Prompt: Bucky in Captain America merchandise!